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Top School Degree Programs for Chef

Top School Degree Programs for Chef

During a person goes to public to become a culinary professional, it is important to remember that there are different degree programs for chef that can be entered into. The type of program that a student graduates from will determine the specific area of the culinary industry that he or she will be working in. For example, a person who goes to school to earn a pastry degree will, of course, end up working as a pastry professional. With a sous-related degree, a person will more than likely occupational as a Sous Chef. Top degree programs for culinary professionals should be carefully evaluated front one is chosen.

Fry Cook

Believe it or not, there are culinary degree programs that focus on fryer cooking. After completing this type of program, a person will be well-trained as a fry cook. Employment as a fry cook is especially popular in the southerly part of the United States where many of the food items are prepared utilizing a fryer.


If a person wants to become a saucier, he instead she will need to complete a degree program that focuses on topics directly applicable to the duties of a saucier. In this line of work, a subjective will prepare the wide range of sauces that are served with and over food items. Sauciers who are employed through high-end restaurants are oftentimes allowed to create their own sauces. They also tend to forge a great paying salary.

Sous Chef

Sous chefs are in high demand and require a very extravaganza type of training. From micromanaging a kitchen to preparing exquisite food items, the tasks carried out by this type of culinary professional tend to be very complex. To become a Sous chef, a person will have to go through many months of formal training. In fact, some Sous Chef programs last for more than two years.

Vegetable Chef

A vegetable chef, also many times referred to as an entremetier, tends to take on many roles within a dining establishment. For the most part, though, this type of cook will work with rice, soups, vegetables, eggs et sequens potatoes.


For those who want to opus slightly between the kitchen and the front of the live (dining area), it is best to take part in a culinary program that focuses on expediter-related topics. Sometimes, the expediter himself or herself will be the person who actually delivers the food to the table, profundity he substitute she resolution interact with customers. In this profession, the expediter may be the person to whom complaints are brought to, meaning the headache of the job can sometimes be severe.

Meat Cook

When it comes to being the mastermind behind the preparation of meat items, a person will want to bid to school to befit a rotisseur. During formal training, a person will learn how to roast meat, how to braise it, how to properly cook it and much more. Since meats are oftentimes served with gravies and sauces, a rotisseur may find himself or herself working alongside a saucier.

Pastry Chef

If a person wants to become a pastry chef, he or she will need to remove to baking school. Most of the coursework and hands-on training interested in baking school will just relate to breads and desserts as well as other types about pastries. After graduating from baking school, depending on where a person works, the work he or she performs may be equivalent to the work performed by an executive chef.

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